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Accounting & Book-keeping Services

Accounting & Book-keeping Services

Book Keeping & Accounting are the basic needs of any business concern. Day to day book keeping is very essential to ensure a regular check on the operations and also to manage the taxation and regulatory compliances. With the active and enthusiast personnel at DCS, you are relieved from the tedious book keeping job. Along with the on-site book keeping services we also provide you with the facilities of off-shore maintenance of books of accounts.

Accounting services include finalization of your books of accounts, drafting of annual accounts and various reports as per requirements of the management. The work will be headed by efficient and experienced accountants having expert knowledge of accounts and various accounting software. We shall also provide you with the interim period accounts as per your needs and necessities. Our areas of work also include:

  • Internal Control check
  • General Ledger Maintenance services
  • Preparation of Trial balance & Profit/Loss Account.
  • Maintenance of necessary Records
  • Management consultancy


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