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Book Keeping & Accounting Services

Book Keeping & Accounting Services

Book Keeping & Accounting are the basic needs of any business concern. Day to day book keeping is very essential to ensure a regular check on the operations and also to manage the taxation and regulatory compliances. With the active and enthusiast personnel at DCS, you are relieved from the tedious book keeping job. Along with the on-site book keeping services we also provide you with the facilities of off-shore maintenance of books of accounts.
Accounting services include finalization of your books of accounts, drafting of annual accounts and various reports as per requirements of the management. The work will be headed by efficient and experienced accountants having expert knowledge of accounts and various accounting software. We shall also provide you with the interim period accounts as per your needs and necessities.

Income Tax Compliances

The Income Tax Departments require annual filing of the Income Tax Returns. The Computation of Total Income, Preparation of Income Tax Returns and Filing the ITR is considered a reason for stress by many. However after your association with DCS, all this becomes a very easy task. Once with DCS, you can manage your own business efficiently and with full concentration leaving behind any tension of Tax Compliances.

TDS Compliances

At DCS we assure timely compliance of all your TDS compliances. Effective handling of demand notices by the Income Tax Department . We assure periodic checking of books of accounts of our clients and minimizing the TDS errors. On which expense is TDS to be deducted? When to deduct? The rate of TDS deduction? What amount is to be paid? How to deposit TDS in Government Treasury? How and When to file the TDS Returns? What will happen if you fail to meet the compliances? So many questions crop up and the solution is so simple, DCS. DCS provides you with the one stop solution to all your TDS worries.

Service Tax Compliances

Whether you fall under the Service Tax Regime is a big dilemma for many. Do you provide any taxable service? Are you liable to pay the Service Tax under the Reverse Charge Mechanism? Are you entitled to any abatement or exemption? Are you entitled to the CENVAT Credit? With your growing business and areas of operation these questions keep on growing. We are here to solve all your queries. DCS has a team specializing in Service Tax Laws. The expert team provides you the best consultancy, helps you in regular Service Tax law Compliances.

Sales Tax Compliances

The Sales Tax Compliances are a very tedious task to complete. Endless visits to the Department for every little matter and absence of adequate number of professionals in this area is a big problem. However, at DCS we ease up the Sales Tax Compliances for you. We have a dedicated team who shall take care of your Sales Tax Returns, Assessments and other regulatory requirements under the Sales Tax & VAT Regime.

ROC & Secretarial Compliances

Registered Indian Companies and LLPs have a mandatory requirement of filing the returns annually at the MCA Portal. Not only this, forms need to be filed for Appointment/ Removal of Director, Shifting of Registered Office, Creation of Charges, and many other instances. Whether it be your Annual Accounts and Returns or any other Compliance at the ROC portal, DCS takes care of all. We have specialist Company Secretaries and other Company Law Practitioners to guide you in the matters of ROC & Secretarial Compliances.

Assessment & Appeals in Various Tax Forums

Assessees are assessed in various Tax Forums periodically depending on the size of their business and complexity of accounts. These assessments especially Income Tax Assessments need specialized knowledge of the proper documentation and the tact to handle the assessments. Not only in the Income Tax Departments, but also in other Tax Forums such as Service Tax or Sales Tax, DCS provides you services of being your Authorized Representative for various assessments. The efficient practitioners at DCS ensure the best possible favorable outcomes and orders of the assessment. We will keep our best try to keep your tax burden at the lowest.

We, at DCS, also file appeals on your behalf at various tax forums with the appropriate authority if you remain aggrieved by the assessment orders. The knack of maintaining the appropriate paper work and attending the tax authorities timely giving your case individual priority distinguishes us from the rest of the service providers in this area.


Be it Trademark related issue or representation on your behalf at the Consumer Forums, DCS works proactively in these areas also. We provide you the best consultancy in this matter and also suggest you the best course of action suiting your needs. The opinions given to you in these matters will be free from any defects and all the possible options and their outcomes shall be opened up for you. You will have the liberty to analyze all the options and decide the best course of action.

Audit & Advisory Services

Some consulting firms think only about business strategy; some physically deploy technology; but our Advisory services help execute enterprise-wide performance transformation initiatives. We help turn strategy into reality. Our Advisory solutions are targeted at the holistic growth and sustenance of your business and assist in managing its performance through business cycles. We provide you with integrated solutions for your business across functions that help in unlocking its true potential.

Management Consultancy

We provide the perfect consultancy regarding managing your business. We aim at helping your organization to improve its performance, operating primarily through the existing organizational problems and loopholes and designing the most appropriate MIS Report to help you install the changes. We help you conduct the SWOT analysis and identify the weaknesses, threats, risks and the means to counter them.

Internal Control Check

In today's growing business scenarios, any loophole or shortcoming in the Internal Control System of an organization can bring about a complete failure of the operation which may lead to very adverse situations for the owners. Through our Internal Control Check services you can stay assured about the functioning of your internal control system without any failure. We provide a detailed analysis of the various hierarchies of operations and guide the management with the optimum use of the financial as well as the human capital.

Opinions from experts on day to day compliance

The Experts at DCS help you with the opinions on the various day to day management activities. We help you in business model restructuring, debt management activities, etc to maintain your competitive presence in the growing economic environment. We help you with the guidance to use your resources in the best possible manner.

Company Law Advisory

We provide consultancy relating to mergers, takeovers, amalgamations, compliance as per Listing Agreement, managerial remunerations, shareholding pattern, etc. Our solutions to your problems are drafted completely based on the original law and decided case laws. Not only this, we also assist you in keeping the Minutes Books updated, maintenance of statutory records and registers, Assisting in Winding-up of Companies/ Striking off the name from the Registrar of Companies under the Act.

Tax Saving Adviory Services

The Tax Regime of India being a progressive taxation system gives a business concern full opportunity to save taxes. We provide you the best opinion for tax saving. When the law gives us so many opportunities to save taxes, why to evade them? Hence, we work on the entire legal canvas to help you pay minimum taxes. We assure you that our opinions will be strictly based on the legal fronts keeping into mind the tax laws and decided case laws.

Project report & Fisability Studies

Preparing the project report and conducting feasibility study is a very complex process but at the same time it is inevitable to check if the project is viable in the current conditions. We provide an extensive feasibility study of the proposed project and prepare a detailed project report which can be comprehended even by a novice. Our aim is to help you decide the most profitable outcome for you.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence refer to the investigation of a business prior to amalgamation, mergers, takeovers or signing of contracts. When you enter into such an intricate business deal, you ought to be sure about the credit worthiness and goodwill of the other concern involved. We are keen to help you judge what is best for you. We conduct an extensive financial due diligence in order for you to make the best decision for yourself. The process causes no hassle to you or your target. We manage the task without any unnecessary botherations.

Consolidation Services

The Consolidation of Financial Statements of Holding with Subsidiary Companies is nightmarish for the business houses. DCS relieves you from this anxiety very simply. We render the entire process of consolidation with such ease that it will not cause any extra burden to you. Also, maintaining your privacy is our first priority.


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