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Direct Tax

Income Tax Filing & Compliances

The Income Tax Departments require annual filing of the Income Tax Returns. The Computation of Total Income, Preparation of Income Tax Returns and Filing the ITR is considered a reason for stress by many. However after your association with DCS, all this becomes a very easy task. Once with DCS, you can manage your own business efficiently and with full concentration leaving behind any tension of Tax Compliance.

TDS-TCS Compliances

At DCS we assure timely compliance of all your TDS-TCS compliances. Effective handling of demand notices by the Income Tax Department. We assure periodic checking of books of accounts of our clients and minimizing the TDS and TCS errors. On which expense is TDS to be deducted? When to deduct? The rate of TDS/TCS deduction? What amount is to be paid? How to deposit TDS in Government Treasury? How and When to file the TDS –TCS Returns? What will happen if you fail to meet the compliances? So many questions crop up and the solution is so simple, DCS. DCS provides you with the one stop solution to all your TDS-TCS worries.

PAN-TAN Registration

Obtaining a PAN becomes mandatory for every individual once they have taxable income. PAN is the registration of an Individual with the Income Tax Department. TAN is required for the individuals for whom tax audit is mandatory. Hence, both PAN & TAN are becoming inevitable in the current times. At DCS, you get to register the PAN& TAN at absolute ease. Your PAN& TAN is just an e-mail away!

Tax refund & Consolidation Services

Tax Refund is the refund of taxes paid in excess of the tax liability. We help our clients in quick processing of their Tax Refund and thus save from them unnecessary harassments. Our dedicated team gives significant importance to your issues and deals them with optimum care.

The Consolidation of Financial Statements of Holding with Subsidiary Companies is nightmarish for the business houses. DCS relieves you from this anxiety very simply. We render the entire process of consolidation with such ease that it will not cause any extra burden to you. Also, maintaining your privacy is our first priority.


Due Diligence refer to the investigation of a business prior to amalgamation, mergers, takeovers or signing of contracts. When you enter into such an intricate business deal, you ought to be sure about the credit worthiness and goodwill of the other concern involved. We are keen to help you judge what is best for you. We conduct an extensive financial due diligence in order for you to make the best decision for yourself. The process causes no hassle to you or your target. We manage the task without any unnecessary botherations


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